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Support our Independent Living Wellness Program by donating some of these essential items! Your donation will go directly to purchasing these items for our community rooms. Thank you for your support!
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Donate Shoelaces
Gift of: $5.00
Donate Athletic Socks
Gift of: $10.00
Donate a Workout DVD
Gift of: $10.00
You'd be surprised how many shoelaces we go through. Having an ample supply of donated shoelaces keeps participation high and excuses low! Everybody needs socks! By donating a pack of socks, you are ensuring our residents can safely and comfortably participate in all wellness activities. Nobody wants to be stuck with the same Sweating to the Oldies DVD forever. By donating a workout DVD, you'll ensure our residents have a variety of activities to choose from.
Donate Headphones
Gift of: $10.00
Help make working out even more fun by donating a set of headphones! Donate an electric toothbrush to make it easy for Independent Living residents to improve and maintain their dental hygiene. By donating a Reusable Water Bottle, you can help our residents stay hydrated and environmentally friendly!
Donate a Pedometer
Gift of: $20.00
Donate a Medicine Ball
Gift of: $20.00
Resistance Bands are highly versatile and can be used in many different exercises and activities. Sometimes we take small steps, other times giant steps, but it's always great to know how many steps we take. Donate a simple yet powerful tool in strengthening and wellness - the Medicine Ball!
Donate a Bike Helmet
Gift of: $25.00
Donate an Outdoor Game
Gift of: $25.00
Donate an essential part of being active, a hygiene kit. This includes shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Safety first! A bike helmet is an essential piece of equipment for Wellness Bike Riding. Our residents love to get outside when the weather is nice, and even sometimes when it is not so nice. Yard games are great activities that all can engage in!
Donate Gardening Tools
Gift of: $25.00
Donate Ankle Weights
Gift of: $30.00
Many of our residents have shown and interest in cultivating flower and vegetable gardens. With this donation, they will have the tools to do so! By donating flowers and plants, our residents can spend time outdoors planting and beautifying their spaces! Some of our residents are very "gung-ho" about wellness and fitness. By donating ankle weights, you are providing an easy and fun way for them to get the most out of their exercises.
Donate an iPod Shuffle
Gift of: $50.00
An especially popular activity in the sometimes brutal Minnesota winters, Wii Fit Games are great motivators for our residents to get active. For getting the most out of a workout, you need to be able to know how hard you're working. By donating a heart rate monitor, our residents will be able to measure how effective their workouts are. Having great music can be a fantastic motivator to get out and be active.
Donate an iPod Dock
Gift of: $50.00
Donate a Blender
Gift of: $50.00
Great music is more fun when you can share it with friends. By donating this speaker dock, our residents can pump up their favorite workout jams! Blenders are great ways to prepare protein drinks for a workout or smoothies as a reward for working out! Slowing down to get a drink? Not for some of our residents! This donation will literally let them go the extra mile.
Donate a Fitbit
Gift of: $100.00
Donate a Wii
Gift of: $100.00
The Bosu balance trainer helps residents strengthen and coordinate several major muscle groups and is especially good for core strengthening.
Fitbit makes it easy for residents and staff to track activity, sync stats, see trends, and reach goals.
A Wii is a great motivator for residents to get active, especially in the winter months!
Donate an iPod Nano
Gift of: $150.00
Donate a Flatscreen TV
Gift of: $250.00
Having great music can be a fantastic motivator to get out and be active. The classic essential indoor exercise equipment, our residents can't wait to get spinning! It can be difficult for everyone to see the screen while using workout DVDs or playing fitness video games. A larger flatscreen television will make these wellness activities more accessible and enjoyable!